Gentle Mat Yoga – 6 week Session

Thursdays at 1 pm- 60 minute
Starts Oct 13
Members Only- Free

Join us for a six-week program that takes a more traditional approach to yoga for seniors. This will be a floor/mat practice that is slow-paced and body appropriate, with a focus on the mental and meditative benefits of yoga as we will slowly build to a full-hour practice that will incorporate many postures that will be modified, held longer, and paced slower. As we learn to tap inward and trust, breaks will be encouraged. Yoga is a very individual practice so no two people will experience the practice in the same way. Are you ready to take your practice to a new level?


Glide & Ride

Fridays 5:00 pm
October 21- November 25
$29 for members, $40 for non-members

This is a 6-week training program incorporating cardio drills on the Cybex bike and Total Gym, Encompass. This program will help to increase your aerobic and anaerobic endurance combined with the strength training exercise using exercises from the GRAVITY program. This will help to tone and sculpt your body while burning calories. This is a Medium to High-Intensity class. Included in the workshop: in-person/classroom instruction on the benefits of interval training, cardio training, and strength training. Assessments on strength and cardio endurance at the beginning and end of the workshop.


Falls Prevention

Wed Nov 16 10:30 am
Wed Nov 22 2:15 pm
Free for members, $10 for non-members

Fall Prevention Programs focus on helping older adults stay active and improve/maintain balance, strength, and mobility. Among those who are 65 years or older, 35 – 45% of otherwise healthy adults fall at least once a year. Fall Prevention Programs can reduce the rate of falls in participants by 25 – 40 %.

Registration Closed

Transformation Lite

Tuesdays 11:30am
Starts Nov 1 for 8 Weeks
Members Only – $90

Transformation Lite is an 8-week, weight loss program that combines a healthy approach to losing weight combined with a group exercise experience. Each week will incorporate a 30-minute workshop alongside a 40-minute Gravity class tailored to the needs of the group. With constant contact using a variety of platforms, your weight loss coach will motivate and support you with your weight loss journey. Included in this program will be a personalized exercise plan to help you attain your goals.


Satisfied Souls

10 weeks | 75 minutes
Monday 6-7:30pm
$30 for Members, $50 for Non Members

In this Class we look at 10 emotions – Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Envy, Disgust, Shame, Jealousy, Guilt, Fear, and Love. Participants are taught how to journal, how to exercise mindfulness and self-compassion as well as how to acknowledge these emotions within ourselves. Participants develop an understanding in which they can begin to appreciate that emotions cause us to feel a certain way, and have an action response, which then drives us to behave a certain way. Our Satisfied Souls workshop encourages us to learn about these sequences and journal them.


Coming Spring 2023