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Wolfgang Personal Trainer

Wolfgang Moiroux

To live your greatest life in a body that you absolutely love; that’s who Wolfgang stives to be. It all started in 2013 when he stumbled upon bodybuilding while watching movies and documentaries featuring renowned champions like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Ben Pakulski. The discipline required to attain a world-class physique and the mentality of a champion fascinated him. This sparked a new passion and goal within Wolfgang. Over the course of the next 10+ years and a move to Canada, he dedicated himself to expanding his knowledge of muscle building and pushing the body to achieve greatness. Then, driven by his desire to push himself further, he decided to become a personal trainer with the YMCA. His area of expertise lies in hypertrophy training as a coach, and he loves to assist individuals in reaching their fitness goals. He firmly believes that our bodies naturally strive to be lean, healthy, and muscular, regardless of our backgrounds.


Wolfgang is a certified health coach specialized in functional therapeutic diets and is currently working on functional breathing through BreathHoldWork practice and hormone optimization through lifestyle and training studies.

Julie Personal Trainer

Julie Despres

Julie’s slogan, “The Force is You”, is an indicator of how passionate she is in supporting those wishing to be their best selves. Julie’s coaching methods are inclusive of self compassion and reminding clients that they are already equipped with wonderful qualities and values.  This allows many to initiate their new focus into a more heartfelt experience.  By being connected in Body Mind and Spirit, her clients begin to engage in venues in life that they would not have thought possible prior to working with her. Julie earned a BA in Sports Science and Physical Fitness Techniques at the University of Lyon, France. She is a certified personal trainer in Canada through Canfit-Pro and YMCA, ready to coach individuals at any fitness level, making the journey enjoyable and heartfelt. Achieve your goals with Julie’s fun and inclusive approach! Regardless of your level or your goals, make it heartfelt, make it fun with Julie!


“Take the time to breathe and put consciousness back at the heart of things to better control your body and your will!”

Matt Kovacs

Matt Kovacs

When Matthew started working at the YMCA in 2017 as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, he also began to learn more about fitness and exercise. Matthew then went on to study Massage Therapy and brings his depth of knowledge about anatomy to his personal training practice. Using this skillset and experience from teaching swimming lessons to people of all ages, Matthew draws on many creative solutions to find a program that suits you. Matthew utilizes the principles of strength training to push himself and others to be the best and strongest version of themselves.

Ready to push your limits?

Tricia Boehme

Tricia’s fitness journey began when she joined the YMCA in Brighton, 20 years ago. This developed into training as a distance runner and competitive dragon boat paddler. Both sports taught her the benefits of training safely and efficiently. Tricia grew her passion, success and knowledge because of great coaches in her life and has now turned her interests into coaching others. Leading group fitness classes for the past 6 years has naturally led to working one on one helping people achieve their personal goals. Tricia is more geared towards senior clientele or people new to weight training programs. 


“I get great pleasure out of seeing others succeed and I’m committed to their journey.”

Cassidy Piney

Cassidy Piney

Cassidy’s passion for the transformational power of fitness inspired her to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Y Thrive Coach. She is a highly dedicated individual whose mission is to assist clients in achieving their goals for health and well-being, as well as build their confidence. You will appreciate her efficient, no-nonsense approach and her dependable focus on what works specifically for you and your schedule. Cassidy can provide support on a wide array of fitness areas but also specializes in supporting new moms.

Mikaela Lavoy

Mikaela Lavoy

Meet Mikaela, our newest personal trainer who is passionate about promoting exercise as medicine for body, mind, and soul. With a holistic approach to wellness, Mikaela crafts exercise programs to increase your strength, improve your cardiovascular performance, and enhance your mobility. Drawing from ten years of martial arts experience, she embodies perseverance and the power of mind over matter. Mikaela’s detail-oriented and structured approach, combined with her focused energy, will empower you to stick to a program and achieve your fitness goals. Get ready to improve your health and invest in your future self with Mikaela by your side! 

Portrait of Krista Knott

Krista Nott

Krista loves being part of people’s fitness and wellness journeys. As a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, awarded Body Builder Competitor and Weight Loss Coach Krista has learned many tips and tricks that lead to success that she can’t wait to share with you. Improving or maintaining one’s body composition, exercise endurance, and muscular strength takes commitment and motivation. A mother of six, Krista fully understands that it takes a good plan and dedication to execute it. Let Krista help you reach your goals and celebrate the successes along the way!

Portrait of Eric

Eric Mejorado

As a fitness instructor since 2013, Eric has taught a variety of classes ranging from Cyclefit, Musclefit to Prime Time and Strong Bodies. Working one-on-one with members has been rewarding for Eric, especially watching them progress and reach their goals. Eric enjoys working with older adults to help maintain or improve their strength and balance to keep them active and independent. Eric’s certifications include YMCA Canada Personal Trainer, YMCA Canada Trainer: Fitness, YES I Yoga for Exercise Instructors, ICG Myride  + LiveCoaching, Gravity, MuscleFit, and AquaFit.

“It’s never too late to start an exercise program to challenge the body, improve your mind and boost your spirit.”

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3 Sessions

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Goal Getter
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Peak Performance
25 Sessions

Progressively build on your training program with new techniques and safely test your personal limits.

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Duo Training

Grab a spouse or a friend and workout together with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer. No matter what your fitness level, nothing can replace the support, challenge and accountability that comes with a trainer and working out with a partner.

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Small Group Training

3-4 people max Small group training is an innovative way to reap the benefits of semi-private training at a lower cost. These workouts will help you to improve your physical skill and reach your goals with family and friends in a motivating atmosphere. Sessions are progressive and require registration. 24 hour notice for any cancellations. Refunds will not be issued.

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