The Take 5 Weight Loss Challenge

The Take 5 Weight Loss Challenge!

5 Workshop Dates: January 24, 31, February 7, 14 and 21.
Time: Wednesday, 5:30pm to 6:15pm
Members – $25
Non-Members $105

This complete weight loss program will help you shed 5% of your weight or 5 pounds in 5 weeks. Includes:

  • Exercise plan with 5 workouts per week including a 5 round HIIT training session and a 5×5 resistance training program personalized for you.
  • Goal setting using these 5 questions – what, where, when, how & why.
  • Incorporating 5 healthy meal plans per day.
  • Practicing 5 minutes of intent/mindfulness per day.
  • Plus just 5 minutes per day of overall planning.
  • For extra accountability and motivation, up the anty and help raise money for the Strong Communities Campaign by recruiting pledges of 5 supporters at $5/week for every week you are successful!

Ready to take on this challenge?

Your journey to a healthier, happier, and lighter you in 2024 begins January 20th.



Intervals Workshop

Intervals Explained!

4 Workshop Dates: February 13, 20, 27 and March 5.
Time: Tuesday, 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Members – $43
Non-Members $170

What are HIIT, HVIT and LIIT? What are the benefits of each? How can they improve your fitness levels, achieve weightloss, improve your cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance?

  • Learn the science behind these interval training types and get ready to do a workout after the in class presentation.
  • There will be 45 minutes of class lecture/presentation and 45 min workout.