Boot Camp

Participants move around to different stations to complete exercises to a specified work: rest ratio. Great class to learn how to use alternative workout equipment like battle ropes, sandbag slams, bosu and bender balls. Great class for those just starting back, or for those than need to break up the boredom of barbells and dumbbells. […]

Saturday Special

Looking to change things up on the weekend? So are we. We will have a variety of different classes offered on Saturday mornings. Step on out and muscle it up! Jul 2 NO CLASSJul 9 Ball ClassJul 16 Cal CampJul 23 Cal CampJul 30 NO CLASSAug 6 Core + StretchAug 13 CycleFitAug 20 CycleFitAug 27 […]


Burn Calories and get the heart pumping, ride your way to fitness with great music and motivational instructors.


Increase flexibility, release tension and make the mind and body connection in this class through breathing, postures and relaxation techniques.


A high-energy dance-based fitness party where we focus on the basic Latin rhythms – Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton with a splash of Dance, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Hip Hop and any other rhythm you can move your hips and feet to!


A strength-based group fitness class designed to help participants develop muscular endurance and strength for an active lifestyle. Participants use a barbell and weighted plates to challenge their muscles throughout a choreographed strength routine taught to music.

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