Thank you for volunteering!

To ensure we have the most updated information on file, and to best plan for the event, we would appreciate your response to the questions on the short form below. Thanks so much!

Rainbow Run 2024 Volunteer Application

Are you currently a volunteer with YMCA Northumberland?
What volunteer position would you prefer?
Preferred positions will be prioritized but not guaranteed.
We will try to keep volunteer buddies together!

Reference Check (for new volunteers only)

If you are a new YMCA Volunteer, we will be reaching out to you to provide a reference and their email address, as part of our process. Thank you.

Police Record Check

Please note that it is YMCA policy that all volunteers and staff, 18 years old and older, must provide an original copy of a Criminal Record Check prior to volunteering, available at the local police station. Volunteers under the age of 18 are exempt from Criminal Record Check but are required to complete a declaration. If we do not have a copy of this check or declaration on file, we will be reaching out to you to request it. Thank you.