Our Board continued to move forward with the strategic work of the Association, with the completion of a design-build by the architectural firm MJMA for a new Health, Fitness and Aquatic Centre at the Cobourg site. Around the time of completion of this work the Provincial and Federal Governments announced the Investment in Canada’s Infrastructure program which would provide upwards of 67% of the cost for a new facility. We moved forward with an application for a 62,000 square foot facility to be built on the existing site with the provision of facilities that would accommodate program and service needs for the future growth of our community for the next 20-30 years.

YMCA Northumberland engaged in a Funds Feasibility Study to test the market on how much we could fundraise to support the balance of funds required for a new build.
Our Board and staff engaged Laridae and began working on the development of a new Strategic Plan, with focus groups held in each of the communities we serve throughout Northumberland County

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