Treasure Dive Fundraiser- Dive For Gems!

Challenge your swim instructors to dive for gems ! 

Buy gems for $2 or $5 each and throw them into the pool at the end of your swim lesson, then challenge your swim instructor to find them! The $5 gems are harder to find, and create a bigger challenge for your instructor. 

The instructor who finds the most gems at the end of the week will be entered into a prize draw, so help your instructor be eligible for a fun prize!

This is a fun way to raise money for our Strong Communities campaign and help pay for swim lessons! 

December 13 – 18
Right after swim lessons
Cobourg YMCA

You can pay for gems with cash, cheque or use one of our TipTapPay devices. 

Together we can Build Strong Communities.

Donate to Treasure Dive today!
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