Diversity Festival 2024

Let’s help strengthen our community!

Join us on July 20th in downtown Port Hope at Memorial Park for family fun that everyone can enjoy. The Northumberland Diversity Festival celebrates the many diverse nationalities and cultures who have settled in our community.

Be entertained with music, dance and other performances as well as diverse food to try in this passionate celebration of our differences. The schedule runs from 11:30am until 9pm.

The Northumberland Diversity Festival is excited to champion the YMCA Northumberland’s Strong Communities Fund this year. This fund is pivotal in changing lives by offering special support programs and making YMCA services accessible to more people. Your donation can make a real difference, funding essential activities like support for new mothers, mental health resources for youth, recreational programs, digital literacy training for seniors, kids’ summer camps, swimming lessons, and health and fitness memberships for all ages. 

With the support of your donation, we can remove obstacles and continue to create a welcoming environment that provides everyone in our community access to essential programs and services.

Help us build a stronger, more inclusive community today.


Ready to make a difference? Donate Now to support YMCA Northumberland’s Strong Communities Campaign.

Please click the button below to go to our online donation platform, Zeffy:

Thank you for changing someone’s life!

To find out more details about the festival, please visit the event website at https://www.diversitynorthumberland.ca/

Because of your donations, we will be able to:

Give more people affordable access to our health and wellness programs.

Send dozens of children to our enriching outdoor summer camps.

Welcome hundreds of newborn babies and their moms into our special program.

Teach more kids and teens how to swim to save lives around water.

Because of you, we can help ignite the potential of others in Northumberland.
Together, let’s help brighten the future!

We are truly grateful to our local sponsors and partners of this event.
We couldn’t do it without them.
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