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In November 2023, YMCA WorkWell ran a national Member Experience campaign and heard from 23,000 members from 99 YMCA locations across Canada.

Here at YMCA Northumberland, we heard from 476 members and we wanted to share the results and the corresponding focus areas for our Y.


From all survey respondents, these are our Top Three Scores for our YMCA on a 1-100 scale. Serving diverse individuals across Northumberland, we are proud to report that these are strengths that apply to everyone and we believe these values are the cornerstone of who we are.

Members believe that our Y is an inclusive environment where they are accepted for who they are.

Members believe that our Y staff is warm and welcoming.

Members believe that experiences at our Y had a positive impact on their personal well-being.


With your valuable feedback, we pinpointed key areas for improvement to our Y. These areas are now in the spotlight as we strive to elevate and enrich your member experience.


We have hired more staff dedicated to caring for our environment. Regular maintenance is also scheduled, and we are actively investing in equipment upgrades.


To provide more convenience for members, we have extended our evening hours and have added more group fitness classes at more times throughout the day and evening.


To improve access and enjoyment for parents and families, we are adding more flexibility to our programs for children and youth by increasing offerings and options.


Results showed that when our staff experience improves, so does our member experience. In response, we have newly identified a team leader to enhance our staff engagement and experience.

Other Member Findings

The survey also gathered some interesting information about our members that we thought we would share.

Workwell Findings
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