Our Board continued to move forward with the strategic work of the Association, with the completion of a design-build by the architectural firm MJMA for a new Health, Fitness and Aquatic Centre at the Cobourg site. Around the time of completion of this work the Provincial and Federal Governments announced the Investment in Canada’s Infrastructure […]


Our growing Child Care Program continues to evolve, introducing another play-based curriculum that adds to the YMCA Playing to Learn™ curriculum that was implemented in 2006: YMCA A Place to Connect™ which allows children registered in before and after school care to shape the program by providing opportunities for choice and leadership with a focus […]


2017-Eunice Kirkpatrick, a long term YMCA Northumberland employee, is named CEO; the first female CEO in 148 years. YMCA Northumberland partnered with Northumberland County and the Northumberland Best Start Committee to ensure that the Government of Ontario’s redesign of the Ontario Early Years program to EarlyON was seamless for the participants who visit the centres. […]


After investing significant time and energy, YMCA Northumberland and the YMCA of Greater Toronto decided not to continue amalgamation discussion


In mid March, within a period of 48 hours our operation completely closed down due to government-mandated Covid 19 restrictions. Our top priority became continued relevance in the face of rapidly changing community needs and responsible stewardship for our association and its assets, both physical and human. The closure of all YMCA Northumberland facilities in […]


The Board of Directors of YMCA Northumberland and the YMCA of Greater Toronto voted unanimously to renew the existing management agreement for another year, giving each Association the opportunity to continue to explore the potential for integration. In May 2015, a Project Coordinating Committee was formed to explore YMCA partnership opportunities with the Town of […]


In early 2014 the Board of Directors of YMCA Northumberland and YMCA of Greater Toronto voted unanimously in support of a management agreement and a three-year Association Plan that focuses on further integration of the two YMCAs. Our Child Care operation increased to 10 sites. A first year partnership with Alderville First Nations was initiated […]


New 5 year agreement with the Town of Brighton and Brighton Health Services. Website and digital signage redeveloped. One new childcare centre opened. PATH partnership launched. New day camp in Cramahe.


Two new camp pavilions and an outdoors rope course installed in Cobourg for Day Camp. Two new childcare centres opened. Cobourg facility upgrades including parking lot paving and gym floor refinished.

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