Gentle Mat Yoga

This practice takes a more traditional approach to yoga for those wanting a floor/mat practice that is slow paced and body appropriate. Focus on the mental and meditative benefits of yoga as we practice postures that will be modified and held longer. As we learn to tap inwards and trust, breaks will be encouraged. Come […]

Abs & Glutes Blast

Heavy focus on developing glute strength and activating core stability. This class is designed toengage and shape these two specific regions ofthe body.

Chair Strength

Within this class participants will focus on light resistance training using a variety of accessories such as resistance bands and weighted balls. Most exercises are performed while seated in a chair.


Step aerobics is a classic cardio workout. It’s lasted for decades for a simple reason: It delivers results. Step will improve agility, coordination, balance, strength and stamina.

Saturday Circuit

An interval class with a variety of exercises including resistance, endurance, cardiovascular training all performed in a circuit using different pieces of apparatus and including varying amounts of rest.


This class focuses on building and maintaining overall core strength and stability with a variety of exercises and practices including Pilates, Strength and Yoga. Each instructor will bring their own unique class design to each class.

Prime Time Gravity 

Gravity for older adults (55+) that uses your body weight as resistance to strengthen and tone. Engages all major muscle groups focusing on foundational movement patterns.

Chair Yoga/Strength

Improve overall physical strength through seated exercises using the body or light weights and resistance bands mixed with gentle yoga postures and relaxation. This is a class that combines both Chair Strength and Chair Yoga.

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